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Lower On Hand Levels

When it comes to on hand inventory levels Less = More. Less stock means faster count times as there is less to count. It also means more accurate counts as there is less to miscount! The cost control battle can be won or lost during the stock ordering process. Shrinkage (theft & waste) is an opportunistic infection. When and where you overstock, you can be certain your store will over use. From over prepping and spoilage to carelessness and the potential for theft, over stocking is not just a symptom of cost control problems, it a primary cause of high inventory costs. Keep your cash in the bank and not on your storage shelves! Our ‘Quick Order’ and ‘Excess Ending’ reports make shaving your on hand levels by 25%+ a realistic goal.

Lower Inventory Costs

The Xpress Way to inventory control starts with line item reporting – tracking how fast your store turns over every inventory item and what the wholesale price impact was, if any. If you costs go up either you used more stock to generate the same level of sales or you paid more for the same amount of stock. Inventory Xpress keeps your finger on the pulse of price changes pinpointing the impact down to the penny. Inventory Xpress also flags when item usage increases faster than overall sales. Our Trouble Shooting report will pinpoint exactly where and why your costs go up or down – without the additional effort of building recipes and polling POS sales. We help managers work smart, not just hard, when controlling costs.

Remote Accountability

As we have already mentioned, we leverage the Internet without being dependent upon it. All store level reporting is posted to the web and archived for up to three years for client retrieval from anywhere they can log onto the Internet via password protected access. Multi-unit operations can roll store level numbers up into consolidated, enterprise level reporting by district, region and even company-wide. Xpress Alerts can be automatically sent to area managers via cell phone or email tracking their stores’ progress – true management by exception!

Manager Empowerment

By giving your managers a better tool you empower them to take ownership of cost control efforts. Let us grow your managers into Inventory Xperts who know exactly how to pinpoint the problem items in their store. We’ve never needed to show a manager how to control a specific problem item – they just need to know what items to control!

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