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Ala Carte Systems

One size does not fit all! Buy only what you need right now. Build on your tool kit as your skills and profits increase. Other solutions are all-inclusive and priced that way. Inventory Xpress allows you to build from the ground floor up, achieve your goals and apply your newly earned profits to higher levels of control as your ability increases.

Unparalleled Reporting

Inventory Xpress reporting takes a streamlined, ‘less-is-more’ approach that managers find easy to follow, understand and trust. Managers need a proven process that gets right to the point – “Where did I lose money on inventory this week?”

Intuitive Processes

Inventory Xpress works because we understand the challenges and skill sets of store level managers. The Xpress Way cost control program gives them a fast and easy path to reliable reporting.

Open Interfaces

Inventory Xpress can import e-invoices from most major food distributors, import Product Sales Mix directly from most POS systems and export Invoices to most Accounts Payable programs.

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