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Inventory Xpress has been helping F&B operations control inventory levels and costs for over two decades. Over the years we have developed the most powerful, state-of-the-art inventory software solution available as well as refined a highly effective approach to training that recognizes the skill sets and time demands of the typical F&B manager. We call it the Xpress Way and we quickly grow restaurant managers into Inventory Xperts who understand how inventory control works and use their new found knowledge to drive greater profits.

The Xpress Way is

Proven: With a two decade track record and well over a 1,000 installs worldwide, you can bank on Inventory Xpress as a proven cost control solution.

Fast: The one thing F&B managers do not have enough of is time. In most cases, Inventory Xpress can provide better controls with a net time savings over your current inventory system.

Easy: If a manager can successfully open and close your store, they can easily learn Inventory Xpress. Our biggest strength is our unparalleled training and support program.

Accurate: By stopping most mistakes at the point of entry and instantly pinpointing any remaining problems just seconds after the ending count, we assure the most accurate cost control reporting possible.

State-Of-The-Art: We love the Internet – we really do – but we aren’t ready to trust mission critical business functions like inventory control to cyberspace just yet. We leverage the power of the Internet without depending on it!

Affordable: If the solution isn’t affordable, it’s not really a solution is it? We’re so confident you will realize immediate positive returns from your Xpress investment that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee on Xpress Solutions.

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